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EDQ University: Training & Documents

Toys “R” Us – United States of America
Selling Product to U.S.A

Domestic Vendor Guide
(Hardline & Softlines)
Import Vendor Guide
(Hardlines & Softlines for TRU & BRU)

Domestic BRU Apparel Vendor Guide
(Accessories/Apparel & Shoes)
BRU (KRU) Import Apparel Guide
Global Product Safety and Compliance Manual

Toys “R” Us Canada
Selling Product to Canada
Shipping Procedures, Identification & Documentation for Vendors shipping from the USA to Canada

Domestic Vendor Guide (Canada) Supply Chain Materials (Canada)
Toys “R” Us Central Europe
Selling Product to Central Europe

Import Vendor Guide (Central Europe)

Toys “R” Us United Kingdom
Selling Product to United Kingdom

Import Vendor Guide (U.K.)

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